Welcome to Giddyupandwrite! Here’s the story…

                            Hello to all of you lovely people stopping by to read my VERY FIRST blog post ever in the history of the world! (That is the qualification my eight-year-old requires to determine how excited he should be. I think his reasoning is that if it’s actually never happened EVER, then geez-it must be awesome!)

  1. I don’t know if this will be “awesome,” but I’m fairly certain you’ll enjoy coming along for the ride.
  2. Horses, reading, writing,  family and maybe a smidge of support group for hopeless candy addicts. (I may have a friend who needs some help…ok, fine. It’s totally me. If the blasted stuff were only health food… I would be sooooo healthy. Don’t judge-we just met!) Anyway, these are the topics I’ll be rambling on about.
  3. At the end of the day, I just want to make some good people smile, whether in recollection of their own comparable tales, or just because mine are pretty amusing. And of course, I’ll share some helpful tips relating to aforementioned subjects.

(except the candy addiction. I’m open to any of your hints though)

I’m super excited, to tell you the truth- even though the idea of starting a blog scares the apples right out of this technically challenged newbie. But, I’m pursuing a career as a freelance copywriter- and let me tell you, apparently “one MUST have a blog!”  At least according to the courses I’ve been taking, and most sources offering start-up advice. “Social Presence,” and all that.

At first, I was just going to skip the whole blog thing. Concentrate instead on LinkedIn, and my website. (neither of which I’ve set up yet-EEK!!!)

 *Yay! I have remedied that! Feel free to pop on by:


My LinkedIn

Especially after reading all of the awesome blogs out there- I mean,


what in the world would I write about?

   “Pick something you’re passionate about, Sara.”

  Um…ok, but the only problem there is, I am quite a passionate person, and I love LOTS of things! AND if the whole purpose of the blasted thing was for my copywriting then how would narrowing down my passions to horses, reading, writing, and family,  (not necessarily in that order) even correlate remotely?

     I mean, I totally get that it’s the actual writing that’s important, but the whole blog happy, rich, and successful copywriting coaches and crew are just going to be astonished when this girl becomes a smashing success sans blog…I thought to myself.

   Then how are you reading my blog at this moment?

Well, here it is…I was laying in bed, my brain going a million miles an hour (used to go a million and three, but I’m not as young as I once was, and I’m missing a uterus. Hormones mess with your brain speed, but that’ll keep for another post) and all I kept thinking was that

I wish I could just really let loose and be exactly me. 

    Is there a blog in heaven, shining a glorious celestial cyber-light on my problem? As I lay there hearing a chorus of keyboard clicking and a soft snore, (the Hubs- sooooo irritating, but I love that guy so I’ll put up with it, mostly) I realized that THE BLOG was my answer-duh, stupid me.

    So, if you can forgive my epic intro- this blog is gonna be

just exactly me.

And I’ve got a sneaking suspicion that in passion, heart, humor, and whimsy, I may not be the only one looking to be that version of themselves too…

Now enough Dr.Phil-ing it up in here!

Let’s talk HORSE!


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because that is super annoying- I know!

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12 thoughts on “Welcome to Giddyupandwrite! Here’s the story…

  1. Deb @Crossing New Bridges of Motherhood

    Oh My Goodness! This is so the real you! As I was reading I was able to picture your possible facial expressions 🙂 Wow that sounded kinda stalkery, but you know what I mean…I hope..lol. I digress… great intro post. I can not wait to read more. I am definitely adding you to my favorites list. Blogging is going to open a whole new world of possibilities for you.

  2. Jason

    Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging oh padawan. I am looking forward to great, well at least mediocre, things from you. Naw! I’m just joshing…you are going to be GRRREATTT….or at least have a good breakfast.

    1. sarashelley@sscopywriting.com Post author

      Lol! Jay- I just now realized there was a “pending file” for comments…ugh! This silly technology shan’t have the last word, I say! And I sure hope I’m GRRRREEEAAATT, Tony! : )

    1. sarashelley@sscopywriting.com Post author

      Sent along the newest post! So happy to have you be a part of this lovely adventure!

  3. Billie Wisneski

    Yay!! I’m so proud of you! Good for you. Can’t wait to read more. I agree with the other comments. As someone who’s known you for 25+ years and even survived being your roomie, I too can hear your voice as I read and know it is exactly you.

    1. sarashelley@sscopywriting.com Post author

      Thanks for all the encouragement! Keep up the awesome PR and you just may find yourself on a British Airways flight in first class!

  4. Carla Frisbie Glensky

    Wow!!! Loved reading your intro blog! I could just imagine your sparkling eyes and quick smile behind your words. Definitely tweaks one’s curiosity to see what is coming next!
    Hurry up with the next one!

  5. Candy DeVigili

    Can’t wait to read more about the quirky you, and all your passions. Your blog made me smile, laugh, and wonder what are MY passions if I wrote a blog.

    1. sarashelley@sscopywriting.com Post author

      Love that my words can make you smile and laugh…Thank you for helping me find my passion through all of that READING!

  6. Carla Jayne Glensky

    This is SOOOOO Sara!!! I could just see your sparkling eyes and mischievous smile lurking behind your words! I could scarcely read as fast as I knew you would be speaking if we were face to face. Now I can’t wait to read more!