Memory Lane Therapy

So- unlike the typical vacationer…I find myself not dreading my re-emersion into the daily grind…

Instead, I’m excited to get these sort-of-tanned fingers plink plinking away at the ole keyboard. Like this rusty mac and I are just two old friends rejoicing over our facebook reconnection…ok, what?! I’m sorry, I cannot lie to you, my friends. I have been feeling like a total blog-party-pooper. I’ve been meaning to write a post since I returned on Thursday, but for some reason or another, I haven’t found the time or the inspiration.giddyupandwrite

(That’s probably not good for me to tell you, but I said when I started this puppy, I was gonna be “just exactly me,” & I guess that includes the days I don’t feel like being just-exactly-anyone)

Todays “blah’s” are most likely the result of the strange concoction I was forced to drink this morning. I haven’t really felt so hot ever since. You can dismiss any visions you may have of some green mushroom and root-grass slurry taste test, I’m no organics martyr.

No, I was required to drink a large-ish quantity of something or rather that is apparently necessary for the cat-scan I’m scheduled for this afternoon. Yes- I am having a cat-scan. Perhaps that is why I’ve been slow to click away on here.

Having health set-backs is honestly such a drain…

Seriously frustrating especially when you really ought to be feeling better than ever since you recently had surgery to solve the issues. And you do not like surgeries, or hospitals, or cranky nurses who spread their cranky like the plague.giddyupandwrite

(shout out to the nurturing, and patient nurses who work with a smile. Can you please clone yourselves and staff all hospitals?)

Needless to say- I am hoping to get some resolution after today’s scan, but holy bananas, I am sick of it. And so….I decided what I really need is

a good trip down memory lane.

The one that is stocked with moments that at the time they occurred weren’t so funny, but later have you busting a rib to recall. Perhaps you are dealing with your own set-back…health, relationship, job, yada yada…the thing is, you might enjoy going down memory lane too, so buckle up, Buttercup.

 This one goes way back…and it always makes me laugh!

I was around 8, my brother 7, and my sister 11. It was during one of our group lessons. My folks had decided that since I was horse crazy, it might be a good idea to invest in some riding instruction. Of course, my two siblings thought it wouldn’t be fair if they didn’t get to partake in the joy-my joy, I might add-  and the parents fell for it. So the lesson bill stayed way up, while my siblings’ interest wavered and declined.

     Proof of the lack of equestrian enthusiasm came the day the instructor told us to begin posting. As you know, if you are posting to the trot, you’ve had a good few lessons under your belt. Of course, I was immediately posting, correct diagonal, heading to the Olympics to nab the gold. My sister did good, she rode a gelding- Myers, who was like, an ex-crowd & riot control horse or something, so unawake unfazed was he. His trot was slow and steady, so she was doing great.giddyupandwrite

  I heard the trainer ask my brother again to pick up the trot and begin posting.  I became aware that he seemed to be having some difficulty based on the look on our instructors face, which at the time I thought was slightly irritated, but looking back, I really think she was just trying not to laugh. Following her gaze, I saw my brother trotting around on Muppet the long-suffering, quintessential lesson pony. Only there was no mistaking the irritation on his face.

My kid brother- the one who insisted he liked horses very well- thank you, and so, of course, should be able to take lessons too, was not posting. He wasn’t not posting because he couldn’t get the beat, or figure out his diagonal, or for any other common posting dilemmas. No.

My brother was not posting because he was too busy telling the pony to post.

Oh yes indeed. ” I said POST, Muppet!” The kid was bouncing around like a jack-in-the-box on rapid repeat, all the while imploring his mount to start posting, already!

Fellow equestrians- you can probably surmise that my kid brother doesn’t ride much these days. Or… ever. No- it just wasn’t his thing, which is fine, and actually worked out in my favor since he’s the baby of the family, and would likely have pretty-pleased Mom & Dad into supporting a team of warm-bloods on the A-circuit, and having a sister for his groom.

The moral of this entertaining sharing of memories is this, whatever else is going on around you…(aka cat scan…eek)

the past events that have made an impression on you, whether because they made you laugh till you cried, or they reflect a time in your life that was meaningful- can often be just exactly what the doctor ordered.

Those memories can help us appreciate our lives, wrinkles warts and all, even during the most uncertain times. So, let’s not forget while we are moving ahead, it’s totally ok to look back and take a few memory-steroids now and again… just to pump up our dealing-with-life-muscles

(But seriously, aren’t the most hilarious memories when someone flubs?)

We humans are fickle like that…love ’em a lot, but also laugh like heck when they get attacked by a goose or slip on the icy sidewalk!


Feel free to share any memories that make you smile!

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4 thoughts on “Memory Lane Therapy

  1. Alexis

    Love this! Especially because I know your brother! haha
    I definitely understand the uninspired feeling….like every week for me. 😉
    Praying for you today, and hoping for everything will finally be resolved for you! <3