“If I Were a Horse- Celebrity Edition”

Wow! That was a crazy two months, I tell you what! BUT- I’m back, and I’m excited to get the “Giddy-up” ball rolling again!

SO, rather than jump into productive, helpful, informative types of articles, I decided, um…

Nope, not today.

I would much rather be completely silly, indulge my wildly over-active imagination and just…play! What’s even the point of adulting if you can’t be the boss of yourself once in a while anyway?

(warning- if you’re here expecting useful information…prepare to be disappointed)

I was recently scrolling through my downloads trying to find a specific picture- a thankless job due to my lack of organized folders- when I saw among the tiny thumbnails whizzing by- what I thought was the picture I was seeking.

I happened to be looking for a shot of all three of my children. I clicked the file open and…..



giddyupandwrite horse blog

Now, in my defense- it was dark, my eyes were tired, and those thumbnails are suuuuuper tiny on my computer! But whatever the reason for it, I laughed. Out loud. A lot.

And of course, that picture got me thinking, “which monkey would be Scarlet?”  which then led me to wonder, “If I were a horse…which horse would I be?

(a totally natural progression if you ask me)

But since that by itself wouldn’t be near enough fun, I decided to profile a few of today’s (and perhaps “yesterday’s”) celebrities, and match them with their Horsey-Equivalent’s.

Without further ado, I present to you

“If-I-Were-a-Horse, Celebrity Edition.”

 actress, Kaley Cuoco-who just so happens to be a horse girl, so I think she’d get a kick out of this?

giddyupandwrite horse blog

Her horsey-twin:

giddyupandwrite horse blog

Brad Pitt…

giddyupandwrite horse blog      And his strangely serious equestrian counterpart…giddyupandwrite horse blog






Mariah Carey…

 giddyupandwrite horse blog

It’s the hair and the teeth, People! I can’t help it!

 giddyupandwrite horse blog



Charlize Theron…

giddyupandwrite horse blog

                  Just look at that intensity!

giddyupandwrite horse blog

Denise Richards…

giddyupandwrite horse blog

Come on…clearly there is more than a “hair” of resemblance here, right?! giddyupandwrite horse blog

Captain Jack Sparrow…

giddyupandwrite horse blog





Oh my gosh, I was giggling about this one!



giddyupandwrite horse blog                        And last but not least,

A Storm Trooper…

giddyupandwrite horse blog

Because I know everyone has a

Storm Trooper on their mental list of celebrities…

giddyupandwrite horse blog

I don’t know about you all, but I certainly enjoyed this post…

It’s just what animal people do…we laugh at ridiculous pictures, GIFS and memes of whatever furry thing that happens to be in our feed at the moment…ya know, “that moment” when we’re perusing social media instead of actually working…haha- Gotcha!

(said the pot to the kettle…)





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