ATTENTION! New Feature: Short and Silly…ahem, Sweet

Are you ever too busy to think straight?

Can’t plan beyond just surviving the day you’re trying to organize?giddyupandwrite horse blog Go to bed at night with a laundry list of things you should have done, need to do, will eventually have to get to, etc?

Well… sucks for you-because

my life is tranquil and productive,

with all my sweet little ducklings of Work, Family, and Barn,giddyupandwrite horse blog swimming neatly in a row…

…said NO horse-owning-mom-who-works-from-home, ever in the history of the universe!!!

(unless you count the Queen of England. I assume by now she’s got most days down to an exact science. And if there are a few blips, well…they can’t take her crown away. I should think diamonds & rubies help when dealing with blips )

I digress (and defeat the whole purpose of this new feature with its increasing word count!)

“Short and Silly Sweet” will contain:

short stories meant to make you smile,giddyupandwrite horse blog snort, maybe even shed a tear…

the whole purpose of the posts will simply be,

to amuse in general, the busy, tired, faithful horse-loving people among us in bite-sized portions, because…

we are not those freaks-of-nature-people, the

“duck-whispering-never-experienced-a-Pinterest-fail-horse-is-never-dirty-and-dinner’s-giddyupandwrite horse blognever-late-maintains-patience-even-when-kids-are-fighting-like-alley-cats,” kind of people.

(omg, I’m totally jealous of those kinds of people!)

Oh, no…we are:

             (cue emotional orchestral music)

“never-remember-where-the-charger-is-horse-occasionally-resembles-a-woolly-mammoth-kids-rarely-get-to-bed-on-time-math-homework-makes-us-doubt-our-sanity-experienced-in-many-forms-of-Pinterest-fails” kind of people. *sigh…

giddyupandwrite horse blog

“Put away my own clothes??!”

And ya know, I’d be lying if I said I wish I wasn’t so good at forgetting things, or losing my temper when the children are behaving like disposed royals, forced to- gasp!- do chores.

I do wish I had a knack for duck-whispering-

     aka getting all my crap together.

giddyupandwrite horse blog

me trying to get my ducks in a row

It’s so easy to go to bed feeling bad about my role in the day’s failings,
giddyupandwrite horse blog


but when that happens, I try to make myself feel better by remembering that those perfect ducks also make mud, & seriously, their poop is literally gag-worthy, so…it’s fine to stick with chickens.

Those guys,er…girls- are certainly a messy, chaotic bunch of willy-nilly’s, but their eggs make it possible for me to make cake, and, HELLO?!!

Cake is good. Oh yes, cake is very good…giddyupandwrite horse blog

If any of that makes a lick of sense to you, I’m sure you’ll enjoy the posts coming up on

“Short and Silly Sweet!”giddyupandwrite horse blog



ps, a great big THANK YOU to those of you who responded to my pitiful email last week, looking for some help establishing my subscriber lists!  You guys are fabulous- you should totally go make yourself a big ole cake! 

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