When the Non-Horsey Boyfriend Tries to Impress

The title says “tries to impress,” but that’s not quite right.

You see, it was my boyfriend’s attempt to surprise me.

He knew I was a horse girl.

We were at the beginning of our relationship, and I’d shared that my dad had sold my first horse when I moved out about a year earlier, and I hadn’t been around them since.

this is totally not our cottage

I learned he was a fireman and his father too,

(my dad was a fireman so much in common!)

and he grew up going to the 1,000 Islands,

(What?! We had a cottage on Wellesley Island where I went every summer!)


his mother had a horse.

Ok. Wait. Now I was getting a little suspicious that this guy might be trying to impress me…

“…she’s got a 7-year-old Thoroughbred named Sundance.

I almost broke it off right there.

This was too much. Thoroughbreds are like my heart-horse & my first My-Little-Pony was called Sundance. Was this dude sneaking into the memorabilia box under my bed marked “Special!! Do NOT throw away!” and perusing my Hello Kitty diary or something?

Well, his eyes were dreamy & he was so darn cute I decided it was simply the grand plan of the universe that we should be together.

About 6 months later, he told me he’d like to take me somewhere.

“You have to close your eyes when I tell you though.

Ok, surprises are fun. After a bit of closed-eye traveling some 15 minutes later, I felt the truck slow down and park. He opened my door and led me…

…the smell!!!

I realized we were in a barn and I started crying.

(a warning to guys getting involved with horse girls- even poop can make us emotional)

He’d brought me to meet Sundance, carrots in hand.

There he is,” he said, pointing to a stall to my left…

And that’s when I realized this kid didn’t know jack about horses.

“Sundance” was either the smallest, furriest Thoroughbred ever or…

…he was a 12 hand, geriatric pony.

I didn’t want to hurt his feelings, so I said nothing and just began feeding “Grandpa-Sunny” carrots. Suddenly, my boyfriend exclaims, “Wait! I think this is Sundance, over here!

 I got to meet the real Sundance then, a lovely Quarterhorse who was rolling his eyes 

as my boyfriend explained he’d gotten confused because…

“Old Pete and Sundance are the exact same color. ” 

I really love that story- it makes me laugh, and reminds me how lucky I am-

because I got to marry that guy who didn’t know that much about horses…

…except for the fact that they made me happy.

(he knows the difference between a pony and a Thoroughbred these days…baby steps)

Please do share any “non-horsey-people” stories you might have in the comments below! 


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