Thinline Questionnaire for the OTTB’ers

To any OTTB’ers out there with a serious love for Thinline products:

I’m currently writing an article that will be featured on the Thinline Global website. I sent a message to the CEO of the company stating how Thinline products were amazing for OTTB’s, given the challenge that their racing-bred physique can be when trying to find a saddle that fits!
Long story short- if you’d like to take a few minutes to share your Thinline experience by answering the following brief questionnaire, then your awesome OTTB story could be featured on the Thinline Global website!
Hopefully, it will help tons more OTTB’ers discover the amazing benefits of using Thinline pads for their sensitive, and sometimes conformationally-complex horses.
I am not a salesperson, nor do I presume to “pedal the goods” on this blog, but I DO wholeheartedly believe in Thinline pads. They made a world of difference for my “shark-finned-shoulder-boulders” OTTB mare.
So, if you’re a Thinline fan too, please answer the following questionnaire (copy and paste the questions, then email it to:
and your OTTB may become a familiar face on!

1. Which Thinline product do you have experience with?


2. Why did you decide to get a Thinline product?


3. What are (if any) some key differences in your horses’ attitude/movement since using Thinline products?


4. High, narrow withers and large shoulders are characteristics many OTTB’s often share. In your experience, have Thinline pads been able to address any saddle fit issues that can result from these common conformational traits?


5. Do you recommend Thinline products to other horse people, and why?



Thank you so much for participating in this questionnaire! I will let you know when the article is published, and if your very special OTTB will be a new, web sensation on!

*Do feel free to include any pictures of your cool OTTB’s

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